Thursday, 6 February 2014

Job Opportunities/ Intern positions

Job Opportunities

Interested in Being Part of the Rapidly Growing urban recording Industry?

We're looking for driven, connected individuals that have interest in audio and or visual engineering and production, and are passionate about selling.
Our company is a fast growing urban recording studio company that provides cutting edge competitive advantage for small and medium size businesses. Our facility is  designed with skillful expertise and knowledge to meet any business current needs to better service and reward their customer base.
The Outside Sales Representative will grow sales and increase company profits by cultivating current customers and recruiting new customers. The representative will increase profitability by promoting services and or products, while providing marketing support and one on one consolations with new and repeat customers.
Current Positions

DBS is currently looking to build our Team. , DBS is seeking individuals for these intern positions. A certified engineer for mixing mastering and  recording, a studio manager to handle bookings,over see day by day operations within the facility.

resume should include: a cover letter,references,copy of certification,list of satisfied customers,and a link to your current work.

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