Thursday, 6 February 2014

Feature Talent - JRDCANADA - Avont Music Canada

Who is JRD?
JRD stage and brand name of producer/artist from Tri-city Canada.

In 2001, Dahron JRD Blair let his vision be known,reality spoke loud as he embraced his role as a dominate front runner in Tri-citys urban pop culture scene.Setting the foundation with multiple successful business ventures and accolades Ranging from the music industry as well as other business investments, JRD represents the will to never give up on your dreams and exemplifies hard work. Founder and Chairman of Avont Inc,Founder and  majority owner of Avont Magazine, CEO- Majority owner of 3x P.E.A.B.O award winning DBS Studios (Audio and Visual Studio) amongst various certification of recognition from city Mayors and City Councillors .2003 received an award for young entrepreneur.Indulging himself in the urban culture JRD has always been an ambassador of the lifestyle and the influences that played roles in his development, both as a artist, entrepreneur and as a man, art in whatever form has always been a form of self expression for JRD.The Combination lead to the Official launch of Avont Records/Avont Music Group in 2013.JRD continues to give back to his community with his philanthropy work through organizations such as R.O.O.F,and holding events for various causes such as cancer and diabetes,and has future plans to create a Foundation catered to scholarship funding,and helping single mothers.




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